Meet & Greet

Every service begins with the meet & greet.  This is where I get to meet you and your pets and we begin our relationship. Must be scheduled at least 3 days before service begins. There is no cost to you for this meeting. I'll learn everything I need to know to provide the best possible care and ensure your pets' health and happiness.  Visit my                         page to schedule!

Dog Walks
***Currently only walking dogs 25 lbs. and under. Larger dogs are backyard let-outs only at this time.***
This is the service you need when you are away at work all day and your pupper still needs that midday break to get out and stretch their legs and relieve their bladders. Give them the joy of a new friend visiting and a break from the indoor confines.  Your pet will thank you!

Pet Sitting

This is where I come to your home to care for your pets in their own familiar surroundings while you are on vacation for a short weekend or a long getaway.  Whether it be dog or cat or rabbit or other, most prefer to be at home where they are comfortable and have all their things. 

Slumber Pawty

When you need someone to stay overnight at your home with your pets, this is the choice to make!  Keep them from being home alone all night and have me stay with them instead.  They will appreciate the company and extra time with their new best friend - - Me!

Dog Training