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Be your dog's Health Hero!

I recently discovered A-OK9 in the past year. Teddy, my Labrador, is almost 13 years old and starting to show signs of arthritis and other issues. My goal is to have the oldest living Labrador in history so I started looking into how I can make that happen.

Dogs, like humans, need health from the inside out. Gut, brain, and behavior are all related. How many of us get cranky when we are in pain or having stomach issues or allergies start kicking in and other such things? Why would it be any different for our canine companions? They need additional support just like many of us do when it comes to our health.

A-OK9 provides a variety of just such support for our dogs. Calm K9 helps boost gut health which has a huge impact on barking, lunging, and other "reactive" tendencies our dogs may have.

Prime K9 has all-around health support which I have noticed has made my dog's fur shiny and soft.

Flexi K9 is for joint and mobility support. I have especially noticed a difference in my dog after being on this product. It eases his arthritis and he wants to play like he is a puppy again. It's so nice to see him moving smoothly and happily!

A-OK9 also has a few accessories like a Gleam towel (awesome for removing mud!), a shaker bottle for your dog's supplements, and calm mats.

All the supplements are in a powder form that you can sprinkle on top of or mix in with your dog's regular food. My dog LOVES all of it and gets pretty excited when he knows it's coming - - he hears that lid pop open and he starts drooling.

Head over to my A-0K9 page to order any of the products and have them shipped directly to your home. Or feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

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