Teddy and Me

Hi! I'm Brienne.

Born and raised in Wisconsin.  Long-time lover of animals!  I've spent a good portion of my life caring for a variety of pets.  We had cats when we were younger and as I grew up and moved out, my menagerie expanded to include rabbits, a chinchilla, a short-tail opossum, a bearded dragon, and a quaker parakeet. I'm now the proud servant to a Labrador!

My history with animals started with caring for friends and relatives animals and the word spread from there. I've cared for horses, peacocks, turkeys, llamas, pigs, iguanas, cockatiels, sugar gliders, dogs, cats, and fish...just to name a few! If it's feathered or furred or scaled or hooved, I'm your girl! 

I've worked in the pet industry in the past and learned a great deal about every variety of critter out there. I also earned my certification in 2005 as a Wisconsin Humane Officer. In 2020 I completed my certification as a Dog Trainer & Behaviorist. Most recently, since living in IL, I worked for one of the larger, local pet-sitting companies before choosing to head out on my own to offer a more personal experience.

Animals have always brought great joy to my life and it brings me pleasure to bring joy to theirs! I look forward to caring for your family members of the non-human sort!